THIS Saturday, 3 July from noon, health campaigners will call for a better NHS for patients and staff.

The protest, organised by Save Our NHS In Kent, will take place outside Margate’s QEQM hospital.

Candy Gregory of SONIK said: “Our protest is about patient safety, pay justice for NHS and social care workers and the end of the privatisation of the NHS.”

Candy, who is a registered nurse and local Thanet councillor, has been bitterly disappointed at the government’s response to Covid.

She said: “I was disgusted, too, by the behaviour of Matt Hancock and by the dismissive attitude of his colleague’s wrong-doing. While instructing the population to isolate and deny access to even close family, Mr Hancock appeared to ignore his own rules. This all points to a deep hypocrisy and deceit in government at the highest level. His resignation letter infuriated those who have lost loved ones by minimising the impact that such a loss in a badly managed pandemic caused.”

Candy is also scathing about how the Department of Health and Social Care has been governed.

She said: “Why did so many people with connections to Hancock received jobs within his department or get lucrative contracts making many of them millionaires — all on the back of public money?”

She added: “Why did Hancock, for example, turn his back on established manufacturers of personal protective equipment and instead give work to on his own contacts although these people had no previous experience? This is an absolute scandal.”

As part of its effort to uncover the facts about the government’s response to the pandemic SONIK is fund-raising for the public inquiry called for by the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice campaign. 

Candy said: “The resignation of Matt Hancock should by no means be the end of this. The prime minister, it is clear, was well aware of what was happening — he called Hancock “hopeless” after all — and he should  definitely now himself consider his own position.”

The SONIK protest is part of a day of national action called by health campaigners. It will start outside Margate’s QEQM hospital at 12 noon.

Cllr Candy Gregory, Left, front, and campaigners at QEQM