Ten things YOU can do…

If you support our campaign, here’s 10 things you can do to help…


1. Sign our two petitions!  Change Our Stroke Service at QEQM Hospital and Halt the Undemocratic Pseudo-Consultation

2. Come to our protest on Saturday Feb 24th (12 noon, QEQM main entrance). Bring as many people with you as you can.

3. Attend the listening events (public meetings arranged in order for locals to have their say). Speak up, ask questions, voice your concerns. Dates: Thanet events are on 7th March and 26th Feb – the full list of meetings across Kent is here:

4. Fill in the consultation questionnaire – be wary, it is not designed to allow opposing views! Use the free text boxes at the end.

5. It’s important to email your opinions as well, as the parameters of the questionnaire are too limiting. Email your point of view using this address and mark it for the attention of Steph Hood and Patricia Davies.

6. Spread the word. Talk to friends and family. Remember, this is at the consultation stage now, so the stroke unit closure will happen if there’s not a sizeable objection from the public. It’s crucial to act now.

7. You can complain ( if you feel that that consultation documents look more like an advert for the new system than an impartial document. Both sides should be presented, and any potential closures or loss of services must be clearly stated.

8. Write a letter to your local news outlets, call up local radio, write to your MP. Ask your local councillors why they are not doing anything about this (if they aren’t already).

9. Look out for any adverts promoting the plan, especially if you see an online ad that appears to be misleading. Take a screenshot/clipping/photo and send it to

10. Watch this space for more info and updates!  Facebook: Save Our NHS Kent