URGENT: Petition on Consultation

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Kent and Medway NHS consultation meetings are undemocratic and failing to inform

NHS Consultation meetings must be: 

• In large, accessible venues at times when most are able to attend
• In a format where NHS officials can be held to account by the public
• Well publicised using media and direct mail 
The responsible NHS authorities should halt the process until these changes are made.
Notes: Consultations are planned and taking place on the transformation of stroke and other health services in Kent and Medway. These changes could have a profound effect on how people access health care in future and therefore there needs to be wide publicity and consultation events that are in locations and at times that will ensure the maximum number of people are able to attend and participate in genuine discussion of the proposals. 
We reject the ’round table’ style of consultation meetings that leave little time for questions and instead divide people up and get them to a to answer pre-prepared questions that are designed to ensure that the proposals are endorsed. 
To ensure open and genuine consultation we demand that consultation events are organised in a public meeting style where after presentation of the proposals the rest of the meeting is open for questions and discussion followed by an indicative vote. All consultations must be halted until this is arranged.
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