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REFER IT BACK – send message to KCC

To stand a good chance of stopping the planned stroke unit closures, we need to take court action ––Judicial review AND get the plans referred back to the Secretary of State (Matt Hancock) for independent review. By doing both, we double our chances of getting a major rethink on the plans which are not fit […]

Judicial Review – full steam ahead!

SONIK’s Judicial Review with regard to the plans to close stroke units at QEQM, Medway and Pembury – it’s full steam ahead! Thursday 18th April 2019 On Monday 15th April, SONIK (Save Our NHS in Kent) sent a legal letter to the Kent and Medway Stroke review CCGs which starts the firing gun for our judicial […]

SONiK Published the case AGAINST stroke cuts

Save Our NHS in Kent has now published our document laying out the case against the plans to re-organise Stroke Services in Kent that would see some communities left with no local service. You can read it here: The case AGAINST changes to Stroke Services  

SONiK writes to CCG boss – 4 Dec 18

 Caroline Selkirk, Managing Director, East Kent CCGs  East Kent NHS Proposals Pre-Consultation Engagement – Patients Public and Staff 4th December 2018 Pre-consultation feedback from Save Our NHS in Kent (Please accept this as a response to the consultation)
We urge the east Kent CCGs to take these concerns and suggestions on board and make the necessary […]

Medics defend SONiK campaign

Last week, SONIK were branded ‘inaccurate’ and ‘irresponsible’ for voicing concerns that the stroke plans could lead to additional deaths for Thanet residents. Here is our response in full. [Please note that some publications have chosen to edit our response, this is why we want it to be clear that this is the full, unedited […]

Thanet GP Hubs: Q & A with head of CCG

Save Our NHS in Kent QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – THANET GP HUBS Emails between C Jeffrey (SONIK) and Dr Tony Martin (Chair, Thanet CCG) on the topic of changes to Thanet GP surgeries (aka ‘supersurgeries’) —- On 29 March 2018 at 12:07, C Jeffrey wrote: Hello Tony, I hope you are well. I have a […]

Report from Broadstairs Listening Event

Broadstairs Listening Event (public consultation meeting), Stroke Review report: 24.03.2018 (week 7 of the 10 week consultation) The venue was full, with all 110 seats full, and some people being turned away as they hadn’t booked. Ten members of SONIK were present in the audience (we had requested a place on the panel to provide […]

What has happened to CAMHS?

If you attempted to telephone your local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) in the first weeks of September, in Broadstairs or Canterbury, or anywhere else in Kent or Medway, you will have been greeted by a monotonous tone signalling that the telephone line had been disconnected. No-one was warned about this; not the […]