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MP Craig MacKinlay has refused to raise the matter of Stroke services at QEQM, in East Kent and the wider service in Kent an d Medway.

He also sent us the briefing notes he received  from Kent & Medway NHS explaining their decision. We share it with you below. We are calling ib him to change his mind and represent his constituents in South Thanet, and their need for a local Stroke Unit.


HERE: Our MP Must Raise Issue In Parliament

  Click the link for an easy to read PDF Letter from Craig Mackinlay 27.7.18 no to raising in HoC_Stroke  
Letter from Craig Mackinlay 27.7.18 no to raising in HoC_Stroke
Letter from Craig Mackinlay 27.7.18 no to raising in HoC_Stroke
Click the link for an easy to read PDF Briefing note from CCG to C Mackinlay Open letter to Craig Mackinlay (cj) 24.7.18 Briefing note from CCG to C MackinlayOpen letter to Craig Mackinlay (cj) 24.7.18


  Top speakers on NHS crisis will be in Ramsgate on 23 June for this important event. We will discuss the dangers and plan for "3 Excellent Hospitals in east Kent" - the continuing fight for local stroke services and the plans for GP and social care. It would help if you could book a ticket here:


But the event will be open all day, so come for the day, or pop in for as long as you can manage

GP SURGERIES: Massive changes planned

Changes to primary care provision in Thanet are afoot, and many will have seen reports in the news, such as this one:
     It states "Currently there are 14 GP practices on the isle, Thanet CCG says there are no plans to reduce those surgeries." There has been a steady reduction of GP surgeries in the area in recent years, as well as reports that the isle may end up with just three large surgeries serving the whole population of Thanet (141,000).
     Save Our NHS in Kent is curious about these plans and has been seeking to uncover more details. We have discovered that there will be no formal consultation for the changes, just and engagement process which will involve a public meeting in each CCG area.
     The Canterbury one has already taken place, but the Thanet meeting (titled 'Design by Dialogue') is delayed with no set date as yet. We have heard that GP surgeries in the area have been invited to join with the new super surgery hubs; there are said to be three large hubs planned (Westwood Cross, Bethesda in Margate, and one at Quex).
     Northdown surgery will be merging with Bethesda, meaning that site will close and patients will travel to Bethesda to be seen by a GP. Of the remaining surgeries in Thanet, we have heard that all but two are willing or considering going down the same route, ie joining with one of the larger practices.
     We don't know yet how this will pan out, as many elements of the plan are as yet unconfirmed, but SONIK are very keen to know what these new larger surgeries are all about, and why they are being proposed. We asked Dr Tony Martin, current Chair of Thanet CCG to answer a few questions for us.... see here

The final 'Listening Event' in Thanet: STP chief accuses SONiK of playing politics. Here we respond ...


At 11.30 this morning SONiK issued a document listing errors and breaches in the consultation process on Stroke services in east Kent.


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SONiK at Broadstairs STP event

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Protesters at the Margate Event last month.
Protesters at the Margate Event last month.
THE NHS managers are holding a number of 'Listening' events as part of their official consultation over the planned cuts and service changes - currently on Stroke Services in Kent and Medway. It is important that people turn up and challenge the plans or services will be reorganised out of existence. Find out if there is a an event near you.

CLICK HERE  to go to the website and book a place.

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Video Report on Margate March


SONIK are producing tens of thousands of leaflets, plus posters, badges and stickers to alert the public to the danger to NHS services if the Stroke Service is cut as NHS managers plan. Please help by donating via our GOFUNDME service

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NHS managers in Kent and Medway plan to remove specialist stroke services at MARGATE and CANTERBURY HOSPITALS, centralising them in a Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) at Ashford. Doctors advise that the faster a patient reaches a specialist unit, the more likely they are to survive and avoid disability. AMBULANCES in coastal areas, including Thanet, Whitstable and Deal, take more than half an hour to arrive with patients and at least another hour to reach Ashford.
There is a direct link between poverty and the likelihood of stroke. More than 50,000 people in the most deprived parts of Thanet risk dying 18 years earlier than people living in the more affluent parts of Kent and Medway. The risk of premature death would be multiplied by moving life-saving services to Ashford. We demand that Kent and Medway STP introduces a Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) at QEQM Hospital, Thanet, on the grounds of chronic local need and the statutory duty of clinical commissioners to reduce health inequalities."


NHS 70 years old Birthday Party on Margate Seafront, 5 May 2018
NHS 70 years old Birthday Party on Margate Seafront, 5 May 2018