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Mr Hancock – our lives are in your hands.

We call on you to set aside the proposed cuts to stroke services in Kent and Medway and instead to:

Bring the stroke unit back to Margate’s QEQM hospital

Ensure all 7 District General Hospitals in Kent and Medway, including Margate, Canterbury and Ashford, can be reached for acute care for stroke within 30 minutes, as they can in London.

Invest in better pay, conditions and most importantly recruitment incentives for NHS staff, improve the ambulance service, and ensure more doctors, more nurses, more therapists.

Invest in better care for patients in East Kent, less on managers’ salaries, management consultants and reorganisations.

Read the SONIK Stroke Report which exposes the flaws and dangers in the current Kent & Medway stroke plans here:


The Dirty War on the NHS by John Pilger

Groundswell by John Furse

The Great NHS Heist by Dr Bob Gill

Save Our NHS in Kent as continued to organise and campaign throughout the Covid 19 crisis. Thanks to all who have supported these socially distanced activities.

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What SONiK told Thanet District Council…

Statement by Save Our NHS in Kent (SONiK) to Thanet District Council, 5 September 2019 Everyone in this room should be aware that local health commissioners have decided to close the stroke unit at QEQM hospital.  SONiK believes this decision has been taken in an attempt to save money rather than to address local need.  […]

NHS 10 Year Plan – A Critical Analysis

NHS LONG TERM 10 YEAR FORWARD PLAN EXTRACTS AND COMMENTS The NHS Long Term 10 Year Forward Plan is a continuation the 5 Year Forward Plan and contains all the features outlined when the Sustainability (now System) and Transformation Plan (STP) was first proposed, producing savings by reducing hospital attendance, moving treatment in primary care, […]

The Judicial Review – FAQs

What is the case about? In February 2019, health commissioners for Kent and Medway decided to reduce our six existing stroke units down to just three. This would mean that the only stroke unit serving the whole of East Kent would be in Ashford, which represents a journey time of more than an hour for […]