Groundswell by John Furse

The Great NHS Heist by Dr Bob Gill

Save Our NHS in Kent as continued to organise and campaign throughout the Covid 19 crisis. Thanks to all who have supported these socially distanced activities.

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Dear Matt Hancock

As Thanet residents and residents of Kent we are asking you to save the stroke unit at QEQM Hospital (Margate) and not cut the number of stroke units in the county by half.  We do not think that people in the deprived area of Thanet, with already poor health, should have to travel a one hour […]

Back the Whistleblowers

Topic: SONiK Whistleblower Event Time: Sep 9, 2020 06:00 PM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 844 4963 8209 Passcode: 474626

Why We Are Against Merger of CCGs

The plan to merge all of Kent’s CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups) into one for all of Kent. CCGs organise all NHS care at a local level. They decide how to spend the money, how care will be delivered, they make commissioning decisions and have legal responsibility to deliver care as per the NHS institution. There are […]